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Digital Campaigning

Digital tools can make your campaign spread wider. If you know how to use them. Explore flash mobs, mass mailing, chatbots and tweetstorms to create your perfect strategy.

  • Case study analysis
  • How to get heard
  • Creative ideas for your campaign
  • LAB – Let’s plan a digital campaigning action

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Recruit. Train. Retain. That’s how you build powerful relationships with your supporters. In this course, you’ll learn the most successful frameworks to expand and fortify your community.

  • Building relationships
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Coaching and leadership for activists
  • Structuring activism teams
  • Activism tactics
  • LAB – Let’s develop an engagement plan

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Design for campaigning

Design is everywhere. When we grab coffee, when we catch the subway, when we use our phones. Find out how design can be a political tool that can make a difference.

  • What is design?
  • Weighing the information
  • The importance of typography
  • The importance of images
  • Politics and colors
  • What happens online
  • LAB – Learn how to write a brief

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Impactful videos for social causes

Audio-visual products have the power to grab our attention and convey powerful messages. Learn how to analyse the features of this type of content to generate systemic change.

  • The Story war
  • The power of video 
  • Visual narrative
  • The 5 steps for a video strategy
  • LAB – Costruiamo il nostro soggetto 

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Social Media for politics

Politics needs to be where people are. And people are on Social Media. Find your voice and discover how Social Media can make it resonate with your audience.

  • The “Social” in Social Media
  • Introduction to Social Media algorithms
  • How social media work
  • Data are votes

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Brand Activism and how to communicate it

Being a Brand Activist means committing to making a real impact. Explore the strategies that merge marketing logic with activism goals.

  • Brand Activism framework
  • Mapping competitors
  • Choosing a cause
  • Digital communication for Brand Activism
  • Case studies
  • LAB – Let’s build a Brand Activism strategy

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Advocacy strategy

If you want to change public policies, passion is vital, but not enough. You need a plan. Find out how to build an advocacy strategy to get the best results for your cause.

  • How to find your cause
  • Power analysis
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Advocacy strategy
  • LAB – Let’s plan an advocacy and lobbying strategy

Futurevox team

Design Personas for social impact

Communicating to all is communicating to none. Get to know your audience in order to choose the proper channels, levers and budgets to get it involved.

  • Funnel marketing: the activism funnel
  • The User Journey
  • Targets and Personas
  • LAB – Let’s define our user personas
  • LAB –  Let’s design our funnel

Futurevox team

Media Crisis

Taking a stand means taking risks. Knowing how to face criticism and attacks is vital when you address controversial topics. Learn how to manage an online media crisis and turn backlashes into opportunities.

  • How to manage an online media crisis
  • Mistakes to avoid and best practices to follow
  • LAB – Let’s design a Media Crisis Management plan

Futurevox team

Game-Campaign Design (build your pitch!)

How can you use Game Design and Advergame logic for your advocacy campaigns? Find out how to apply game design principles to build an effective campaign pitch.

  • Game, politics, society
  • Gamification
  • Advergames
  • Gamification 4 Advocacy
  • Game-Design principles and theories
  • The MDA model
  • The Pillon model
  • other highlights
  • LAB – Build a Game-Campaign Pitch

Want a customised workshop for your team?

Why Futurevox academy?

Three solid

We merge 3 disciplines: Marshall Ganz’s and Obama’s community organizing, Paul Watzlawick’s brief strategic therapy and the latest digital campaigning techniques. We call it Activism Funnel: a path to turn digital leads into leaders ready to defy the status quo.


Evil tools for common good

Cutting-edge digital marketing techniques, communication technologies, engagement and funnelling techniques at the service of social causes. Why choose between justice and performance when you can have them both?


A wide range of topics

Advocacy, creativity, community organizing, brand activism, you name it. Our courses explore all the facets of digital activism, so you can create your track according to your needs

A practical

We are professional campaigners. We don’t do theory, we plan tactics to take action. Every workshop is designed to co-create a strategy or an operative tactic you can use right away.

Mi ha dato tantissima carica e motivazione per continuare nella strada dell'attivismo.

Laura S.
Per quanto riguarda storytelling ottimi spunti di riflessione e in generale molto utile al fine di comprendere come strutturare narrazione del proprio progetto/della propria causa.

Davide P.
Stimolante e fornisce metodi utili per strutturare il pensiero di percorsi organizzativi.

Aurora E.
è stato ricco di spunti davvero interessanti, che penso possano essere preziosi per tutti. Non l'ho trovato assolutamente noioso e i relatori sono stati in grado di catturare la mia attenzione per tutto il corso dei loro interventi. Ritengo inoltre che il tema trattato sia di grande importanza per l'attualità, perché riguarda da vicino le nostre piccole scelte quotidiane.

Lucrezia B.
Attendo con ansia il prossimo workshop!

Agnese N.
Tutto interessante, anche la possibilità di confronto nel laboratorio.

Giorgia V.
Mi ha dato una visione dell’attivismo più legata al marketing e alla comunicazione, nozioni non scontate per chi spontaneamente cerca di sensibilizzare altri su un tema sociale.

Eleonora C.

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